Prelegenci edycji 2022

Dr. Lars Schernikau

Speaker & Expert

Dr. Lars Schernikau joined the commodity business in 2003 and before worked at The Boston Consulting Group in New York, USA and Munich, Germany. As a co-founder, shareholder and former member of the supervisory board in the German-based, publicly listed, international commodity marketing and mining companies HMS Bergbau AG and IchorCoal NV, Lars has founded, worked for, and advised a number of companies in the global raw material sector in Europe, Asia, Africa, and North America.

Lars is a forward-looking and positive-thinking macroeconomist with challenging views backed up by science. He has a positive approach towards human development and energy and is a critical thinker with the environment and long-term survival of humanity in mind. Today, next to his operational work in the commodity industry, Lars is a regular speaker at major energy & commodity conferences, workshops, and universities around the world. Lars advises selected governments, banks, and conglomerates on energy policy. He has published books, scientific research, and press articles relating to energy raw materials and energy policy and has been peer-reviewing several energy-related books and research papers.

Lars was raised in Berlin, Germany, studied Finance at New York University, received his MBA from INSEAD in France, and earned his doctoral degree in energy economics at Technical University Berlin, Germany.


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