Prelegenci edycji 2022

Piotr Danielski, CFA Society Poland Annual Conference

Piotr Danielski

Vice President

DB Energy

Engineer Piotr Danielski, PhD, is the founder, co-owner and vice president of DB Energy – an energy efficiency improvement company. He is also the chairman of the energy efficiency team of the Electricity and Gas Consumers Forum – on behalf of the Chamber of Industrial Electricity and Energy Consumers- and an energy expert for the Committee of the Regions. He received his education at the Department of Industrial Power Engineering at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Wroclaw University of Technology. His doctoral dissertation focused on the issue of energy efficiency auditing in the Polish market when the market was essentially nascent. Both academically and professionally, he has devoted himself to the subject of industrial energy and the energy intensity of industrial energy consumers. He has had many successes, and his publications in energy investment, electrical safety and energy efficiency have won wide recognition among industry experts. He is involved in numerous initiatives where he can use his knowledge and experience to support the development of modern, climate-friendly technologies for industry. Among other things, he was a member of the External Advisory Board of the Green Nets project, tasked with demonstrating the feasibility of reducing energy demand in mobile networks through intelligent infrastructure management. As one of the executors of the Polish part of the ENBUS project, he co-created a benchmarking platform for innovative construction market products to reduce the energy consumption of municipal consumers. His mission is to educate on energy efficiency. He has taught in the European Energy Manager program. He is a frequent lecturer of postgraduate studies, min. “Efficiency of investments in RES” at the University of Wroclaw. He has carried out energy efficiency projects for large industrial companies in his professional work. In addition, he conducts R&D work in the field of machine diagnostics and electrical power measurements. He believes that innovation in the industry requires a combination of knowledge, courage and openness to change and that the language of modern technology is best translated through finance. Investments and outcomes will accompany the world’s ongoing energy transition in the coming years.


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