Speakers of 2023 edition

Izabella Kamińska, CFA Society Poland Annual Conference

Izabella Kaminska

Senior Finance Editor

Politico Europe

Izabella Kaminska is the founder and editor of The Blind Spot, a new media venture that aims to shine a light on stories being missed by the wider journalistic pack. The site focuses on finance, market, and media news in both short and long form. It hopes to deliver a healthy mix of analysis and opinion-led commentary, supported by aggregation, news reporting, and deep-dives. In February 2023, she also became Politico Europe’s senior finance editor, overseeing the growth of Politico’s financial coverage on a part-time basis, in a deal that secured a special licensing agreement for the distribution of Politico content on The Blind Spot. She continues to author her weekly newsletter at The Blind Spot. Izabella is an alumnus of the Financial Times, where she spent 13 years in reporting roles, most recently as the editor of FT Alphaville, the Financial Times’s award-winning markets and finance blog. Izabella was also an FT columnist and opinion writer focused on tech, finance, and markets. Izabella started her journalistic career in 2001 as a junior reporter for the English-language newspaper The Warsaw Business Journal. She later spent time in the former Soviet Union at the Caspian Business News, which took her to Azerbaijan and Georgia. In 2003 she reported as a freelancer from Kabul, Afghanistan, before joining BP as an Associate Editor of the company’s internal magazine Horizon in 2004. After completing the 2005 Reuters graduate trainee program, Izabella joined Platts to focus on reporting European natural gas markets. She then became a senior producer at CNBC in London, producing the channel’s flagship program, Squawk Box. With The Blind Spot, Izabella is initiating a two-part plan to reconfigure how journalistic information is organized on the Internet.



CFA Society Poland powstało w 2004 r. i jest jedną z największych społeczności członkowskich międzynarodowego CFA Institute w regionie CEE. CFA Society Poland rozpowszechnia i realizuje najwyższe standardy etyczne oraz edukacyjne w branży inwestycyjnej w Polsce. CFA Society Poland jest organizacją skupiającą profesjonalistów, mających związek z szeroko pojętym dokonywaniem inwestycji i zarządzaniem finansami.