Redefining Finance Horizon. Revitalizing ESG, Embracing Macro Dynamics & Engaging the Digital Generation

October 19–20, 2023
Verte Hotel*****

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2023 CFA Society Poland
Annual Conference

In recent times, the world has grappled with significant shifts: from pandemic-driven remote work and globalization crises to supply chain disruptions. Then, came the challenges of rising inflation, social polarization, and a crucial topic heralding the next phase of the 4th Industrial Revolution: artificial intelligence.

For the 12th year, join us at the CFA Society Poland Annual Conference – a premier gathering recognized for insightful discussions on capital markets tailored for financial professionals.

The CFA Society Poland Annual Conference delves deep into pressing issues shaping the financial landscape, brought to life by both Polish and international thought leaders. Attendees primarily include esteemed CFA titleholders, encompassing C-level executives, analysts, and managers.

Day One. October 19 (Thursday)
Sustainability has accelerated in prominence lately. However, its swift rise has birthed challenges like corporate greenwashing. Criticisms of ESG revolve around unreliable data, questionable corporate commitment, and forced regulatory compliance that potentially diminishes its investment appeal. So, is ESG merely an aspirational response to stark realities? On day one, we’ll explore the feasibility of salvaging ESG’s reputation and delve into the transformative realm of AI. Artificial intelligence promises to redefine industries, potentially reimagining the job landscape altogether. Our discussions will examine AI through the lenses of its potential ramifications on the investment sector.

Day Two – October 20 (Friday)
The second day of the conference extends beyond traditional investment dialogues. Attendees will gain insights into counterintelligence mechanics and operations of the Military Counterintelligence Service. Alongside a representative from the CFA Institute and various financial experts, we’ll dissect the investment inclinations of Generation Z – a cohort distinctively different from its predecessors.

Spotlight: Hotel Verte
Situated at the heart of Warsaw, Hotel Verte is a distinctive reincarnation of the historic Branicki & Szaniawski Palace. Constructed in the 18th century under the stewardship of renowned Baroque architects, it faced devastation during World War II. But like a phoenix, both the palace and the city resurrected in the 1950s. Today, Hotel Verte stands as a boutique establishment blending contemporary elegance with its historical lineage. Nestled near the Old Town and adjacent to the National Theater, Hotel Verte beautifully marries the modern with the timeless.

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Speakers. CFA Society Poland Annual Conference 2023

The CFA Society Poland Annual Conference is first and foremost an event that brings together many often different perspectives in one place thanks to the participation of well-known experts in the investment market..

CFA Society Poland was founded in 2004 and is one of the largest member societies of the international CFA Institute in the CEE region. CFA Society Poland propagates and implements the highest ethical and educational standards in the field of investment industry performance in Poland. CFA Society Poland is an association of professionals involved in the broadly defined making of investments and financial management.