Speakers of 2023 edition

Jarosław Kuźniar, CFA Society Poland Annual Conference

Jarosław Kuźniar


Kuźniar Media

With a career that spans across press, radio, television, and digital platforms, Jarosław embarked on his journey in media at the tender age of fifteen. He has contributed to esteemed platforms such as Three, Radio ZET, TVN 24, TVN, and Onet. Throughout his career, he sought mentorship from industry titans like Kaczkowski, Niedzwiecki, Kydrynski, Mann, and Miszczak, absorbing wisdom and honing his skills. Jarosław’s expertise lies in his astute on-camera presence and stagecraft. A staunch advocate for personal branding in the digital age, he offers training sessions tailored for corporate settings as well as individuals. His clientele boasts a roster of top-tier executives, from CEOs and CFOs to CMOs and other C-level managers representing diverse sectors – from tech and media to transportation, startups, and banking. He teaches the art of impactful communication: how to craft stories that resonate, captivate an audience from the outset, and deliver messages that endure. Known for his sincere communication style, direct approach, deep knowledge, and unmatched media experience, Jarosław’s professionalism shines, even as he maintains a light-hearted and approachable demeanor. His extensive stage experience, coupled with workshops in diction, breathing, acting, and rhetoric, solidifies his prowess in storytelling and narration.



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