Speakers of 2023 edition

Paweł Borys, CFA Society Poland Annual Conference

Paweł Borys

President of the Management Board

Polish Development Fund

Paweł Borys is an accomplished finance professional, educated in the Department of Finance and Banking at the Warsaw School of Economics, where he majored in international financial markets. His academic prowess is evident from his tenure as a research fellow at the same institution (2001—2005), where he explored economic convergence and the interplay between the financial sector and economic growth. His writings have appeared in numerous publications, focusing on banking, investments, and the economy. Paweł began his career in 2000 as the Chief Economist at the Erste Bank Group in Poland. By 2001, he was at the helm of the Analyses Department and later became the Investment Director for Deutsche Bank Group’s asset management arms. Notably, he spearheaded the creation of Poland’s first small and medium businesses fund, the DWS TOP25, and introduced the first external index at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. His leadership skills earned him the best investment fund performance award in Poland twice. From 2005 to 2010, he played a pivotal role in AKJ Capital, a firm specializing in private equity and venture capital, facilitating investments in companies such as Grupa Pekaes and CUBE CR. His next significant role was as Managing Director at PKO Bank Polski (2010—2016), where he orchestrated key developmental strategies, modernizing the bank’s operations and bolstering its market position. He also skillfully handled the restructuring of Kredobank in Ukraine and orchestrated major alliances, acquisitions, and strategic implementations, leaving a substantial impact on the bank’s trajectory. As of May 2016, Paweł has been serving as the CEO of the Polish Development Fund and holds the position of Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego.



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