Prelegenci edycji 2022

Rafał Mikusiński, CFA Society Poland Annual Conference

Rafał Mikusiński

Vice Chairman

The Polish Financial Supervision Authority (UKNF)

Related to the capital market since its foundation in 1991. Started working at the brokerage house of CDM Pekao. He was involved in the establishment of Bank of America Brokerage House in Poland, where he worked from 1994 to 1996 as an Equity Investment Specialist. Then, from 1997 to 1999, he managed the insurance portfolios of AGF Insurance and Life Insurance Companies. In May 1999, he joined Amplico PTE in the investment department, where he was in charge of debt instrument portfolio management, basic economic analysis and liquidity management of OFEs. In 2004 he became Director of the Investment Department, and in March 2008 he was nominated a Member of the Management Board, responsible for the fund’s investment policy. Since November 2010, he functioned as a President of the Management Board. In April 2014, he was elected to the Management Board of MetLife TUnŻiR and, as Director of the Investment Division, was responsible for the group’s investment area in Poland.  In the same year, he was appointed to the Supervisory Boards of MetLife TFI and MetLife PTE. At the same time, from 2015 to 2017, he held the position of Investment Head in the ESE region. Since December 2017, he also oversaw the activities of Investment and Pension Funds in the EMEA region. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Organization and Management at University of Warsaw. He holds a securities broker’s license and has also completed courses in investment consulting, for securities analysts, preparing for the CFA exam.


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